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Air Compressors, Dryers, Filters, Lubricants, Regulators & Accessories for compressed air equipment


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Terry Reardon
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Kevin Gosley
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Products: Atlas Copco Screw, Turbos (Air foil & Magnetic Bearings) and Multistage Centrifugal Blowers; Energy efficient solutions for any application requiring low pressure compressed air.
  Donaldson Aircel Process water chillers.
  Donaldson Torit The most efficient filtration cartridge collectors for dust, fume and mist particulate.
  Donaldson Ultrafilter Complete system of filtration and separation products for compressed air systems.
  Gardner Denver Reciprocating piston and rotary screw compressors, dryers and filters.
Lubrication products and compressor oils.
  Hardy Filtration Filtration for HVAC, Paint Booths, and Dust Collection compressed air systems. 
  Ingersoll Rand / Hibon Inc. Positive displacement and centrifugal blowers.
  La-Man Moisture extractors, air and breathing air filters.
  Nederman Environmental products, systems and services focusing on industrial air filtration & recycling.
  Parker Finite Gas filtration and separation equipment.
  Powerex Inc. Pure Air Technology includes Oil-less compressors.
  Quincy Compressors Over 70 years of proven performance:
Rotary screw compressors
Variable speed compressors
Reciprocating compressors
Oil-less compressors
Low pressure applications 30-50 psig
Medical air systems
Natural gas boosting units
Climate Control
Vacuum Pumps
Air Treatment, filters, dryers and drains
Aftermarket fluids
Environmentally friendly condensate solutions
Aluminum air piping systems
Industry leading 5-10 year warranties with no service contract required