Fluid Handling


AFP Range

Centrifugal, Peristaltic, Self Priming, Submersible Sewage/Effluent Pumps


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Sales Contacts: Mike McDonah
902-469-2806        ext. 123
Matt Cavanagh         902-469-2806 ext.120  
  AVK Industry leading manufacturers of valves and hydrants. 
  Flomatic Industrial and municipal valves.
  Golden-Anderson Valve products including check valves, air valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and automatic control valves.
  Graco Inc. Air operated double diaphragm pumps for fluid transfer, process and sanitary applications.
  Hamilton Kent LifeSpan® System: watertight, corrosion-proof, non-conductive, locking rubber manhole frame and cover system.
  Komline Sanderson Plunger pumps.
  Liquid Metronics, Inc. (LMI) Electromagnetic chemical metering pumps and systems, controls, fluoridators and accessories.
  MP Electronics Level sensing probes and municipal/industrial controls for water and wastewater.
  Netzsch Progressive Cavity, Rotary Lobe & Screw Pumps, Macerators and Grinders.
  Omnisite Pump station cellular monitors and online data logging systems.
  Orbinox Knife gate valves, wall and channel slide gates, flap gates, weir gates, stop logs and hydrolic works gates.
  Pulsar Level, open channel flow and pump instrumentation, ultrasonic level measurement, echo processing technology.
  Smith & Loveless Inc. Pre-engineered water and wastewater treatment and pumping systems.
  Stenner Inc. Chemical feed pumps, tanks and peristaltic pumps.
  Sulzer Global solution provider with a complete product portfolio of pumps, mixers, agitators, aerators, and control & monitoring equipment.
  USF Fabrication Access hatches, grating and fall-through protection.
  Watson Marlow Bredel World leader in peristaltic hose pumps, tube pumps, and filling systems.
  ZCL Fibreglass water and wastewater tanks, and pump vaults.
  Other Positive displacement rotary gear pumps and parts.