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UV4000 New

Disinfection products including tablet and liquid chlorination, ozonation, pressurized and open channel, ultra-violet systems, mixed oxidant and UV-oxidant systems

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Sales Contacts: Cassandra Hirtle
902-469-2806 Ext.132
Products: Norweco Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets, Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination tablets, Bio-Max dechlorination tablets;Tablet feeders for water and wastewater.

Sales Contacts: Hettie Sacre
902-469-2806 Ext.102
  Ian Johnston
902-469-2806 Ext.115

Products: Real Tech Inc Portable and real time continuous UVT monitoring solutions for wastewater to high purity water.
  Trojan Technologies Inc. Stainless steel pressurized ultra violet disinfection systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  UV Pure Manufacturers of Hallett, Upstream and Cactus UV systems in Canada for potable water, water reuse and wastewater applications with some product lines validated for UVT as low as 50%. UV Pure incorporates patented revolutionary Crossfire Technology along with a self-cleaning wiper system, multiple performance sensors and on-board diagnostics and alarming for municipal, commercial  and residential applications.