SBR – Sequencing Batch Reactors


Traditional batch reactor and continuous fill reactor designs, floating decanters, fine bubble or jet aeration. Complete packages available.

Membrane Filtration

MBR – Membrane Biological Reactors

(Veolia Water Technologies, including GE and SUEZ now owned by Veolia)

Ultrafiltration hollow-fibre membranes with a 0.04μm pore size. Skid-mounted package systems available. Ideal for stringent effluent phosphorus limits where tertiary filtration is required.


MBBR – Moving Bed Bioreactor, BAF – Biologically Aerated Filter, IFAS – Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge


Fixed film technologies using various types of media in various plant processes and configurations to meet stringent effluent requirements for BOD, TSS, ammonia and phosphorus.

RBC, Rotating Biological contactors

RBC – Rotating Biological Contactors

(Evoqua, including Envirex, Lyco and Autrotrol brands now owned by Evoqua)

Fixed-film wastewater technology well suited for secondary and/or advanced biological treatment.

Floating Lateral Lagoon Aeration Systems

Floating Lateral Lagoon Aeration Systems


Removes BOD in lagoons and stop nuisance odors; available with auto-tensioning lateral system.

mechanical surface aerators

Mechanical Surface Aerators

(Aeration Industries)

Available with surface floats, anchor cabling, control panel with motor starters, 1800RPM motors with anti-fouling propellers or 3600RPM with standard propellers and more.

Floating Lateral Lagoon Aeration Systems



Cold climate post-lagoon nitrification; suspended solids and BOD polishing; airport de-icing fluid treatment.



(Atlas Copco)

Rotary Lobe, Screw, Turbo, and Multi-stage centrifugal blower offerings. Complete package units available with sound enclosure; control panel with HMI, integrated, VFD, etc. Service center in Moncton, NB.

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