Rectangular Chain Scraper clarifiers

Rectangular Chain & Scraper Clarifiers

(Evoqua / Envirex)

Scum trough and V-notch weirs available, multiple options for carrier & drive chains, high-strength non-metallic chain and durable flights to scrape sludge along the floor and skim floating solids.

circular clarifiers

Circular Clarifiers

(Evoqua / Envirex)

Traditional sludge scrapers or Tow-Bro Hydraulic Sludge Removal System. Inlet energy dissipating baffles, half bridge design (>50ft diameter) or full bridge designs (10-50ft diameter) with walkways; side / center / peripheral feed designs available; carbon steel / 304SS / 316SS available; wide range of skimming options; extended beach scum troughs with flushing, V-notch weirs available.

Inclined Plate Settlers

Inclined Plate Settlers

(Jim Myers and Sons)

Top flow control angle to control headloss and prevent clogging by ensuring even, laminar flow. Dual, side-loaded effluent troughs. Adjustable V-notch weirs. Full 304SST or 316SST construction.

Rotating Belt Filter


Combines separation, thickening and dewatering in one unit and can remove >50% TSS, >20% BOD and produce sludge 20–30% wt. Filter belts 54-350µ available.

Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers

DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers


Installed in concrete or SST tanks, well suited for wastewater streams containing solids, oils, and greases which have a tendency to float.

packaged lamella clarifier

Packaged Lamella Clarifiers


Applications include potable water clarification, industrial process water, sand filter backwash, mining, groundwater, etc.

submerged sludge removal systemm

Submerged Sludge Removal Systems

(Jim Myers & Sons)

JMS Mega-VAC (hoseless system utilizing differential head between the water surface and the sludge discharge elevation) and Mega-SCRAPER (fast forward / slow reverse bottom scrapers / blades).

Inline / Automatic Backwashing Mechanical Filters


Various filtration options available for a wide range of flows and various applications.

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