automatic bar screens

Automatic bar screens

(Veolia / John Meunier)

Vertical back cleaned bar screens (Cont-Flo CF), inclined front cleaned multi-rake bar screens (Cont-Flo ER), step-screens (Cont-Flo SSR).

automatic fine screens

Automatic fine screens

(Veolia / John Meunier)

Perforated plate fine screens (Escalator), basket / spiral fine screens (Rotarc SB), rotary drum fine screens (Rotarc SD).

Rotary Drum screens

Rotary drum screens


Internally fed (Hycor Rotoshear), externally fed (Hycor Rotostrainer).

Screening washer compactor

Screening washer / compactor

(Veolia / John Meunier)

Organics / solids washing, volume reduction, and compaction.

Vortex grit removal equipment

(Veolia / John Meunier)

Standard 270˚ outlet (Mectan), multi-directional outlet 0-360˚ (MectanV), hybrid grit chamber with no moving parts (BioMectan).

Aerated Grit Tanks

Aerated grit tanks


Complete package with diffusers, blowers, piping, controls, etc.

grit classifiers washers

Grit classifiers / washers

(Veolia / John Meunier)

Grit washing / organics removal.

Grinders Crushers Shredders

Grinders / Crushers / Shedders / Macerators

(Franklin Miller, Netzsch)

Open channel and inline machines, proven to reduce pump clogging, protect process and dewatering equipment, reduce solids and keep wastewater systems running smoothly. Applications include: wastewater headworks, sludge, recirculation, septage receiving, protecting of dewatering equipment, such as belt filter presses and centrifuges, as well as a variety of industrial applications including fish processing, bio-solids, oil transfer and more.

material transport

Material transport

(MLM Conveying Systems)

Shafted and shaftless screw conveyors, vertical screw conveyors, belt conveyors.

CSO screens

CSO screens

(Veolia / John Meunier)

Oscillating static screen (Hydrovex), storm overflow screen (Rotarc SOS), Low profile overflow screen (OS-LP), rotary drum sieve (Hydrovex RDS), overflow screen (StormGuard), overflow fine screen (Rotarc SAS).

cso flow control

CSO Flow Control

(Veolia / John Meunier)

Bending weirs, spring loaded weirs, overflow weirs, air regulated siphons, flow regulators, adjustable gates, valves.

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