Orenco Onsite and Distributed Collection System Pump _ Control Packages

Onsite and Distributed Collection System Pump & Control Packages


  • Packaged STEP/STEG Small Diameter Effluent Sewer Collection Systems for Municipal and Commercial Multi-Unit Cluster Designs and Development

  • PRELOS® Factory Pre-assembled STEP/STEG Effluent Sewer Tanks & Equipment
  • Pump systems and Controls for Pressurized Sand filters and/or Effluent Transport or Discharge Applications
  • Packaged Septic Tank Effluent Pumping (STEP) Systems
  • High Head Effluent Pumps
  • High Head Universal Biotube® Filtered Pump Vault Packages
  • High Head Pump Flow Inducer Towers
  • Low Head Effluent Pumps
  • Low Head Pump Effluent Screens
  • Packaged Pump Discharge Hose & Valve Assemblies
vr1 myers grinder pump

Grinder Pumps and Packaged Pump & Control Systems


  • Grinder Pumps

  • Low Head Effluent Pumps
  • Pump Lift out assemblies, chains, supports, etc.
  • Float and Hanger Assemblies
  • Grinder Pump Control Panels
  • Pump Basins
Onsite Secondary Wastewater Treatment Systems

Packaged Textile Onsite Secondary Wastewater Treatment Systems

Orenco AdvanTex®

  • Advantex AXMAX

  • Advantex AX100
  • AdvanTex AX20
  • AdvanTex AX20-RT and AX25-RT
Septic Tank Aeration

Septic Tank Aeration

  • VITA-Aer Submersible Microbubble Aeration Systems

  • Aeration Pre-treatment Systems

General Products for Onsite Collection & Treatment Systems

(Orenco & Miscellaneous)

  • Septic Tank PVC Access Risers, Lids and accessories

  • Riser Insulation Plugs
  • Biotube Residential & Commercial Effluent Filters
  • Biotube Effluent Filter Basin Packages
  • Distributing valves
  • Hydrosplitters
  • Mechanical Floats, Float Stems, Float Brackets and Complete Assembles
  • Septic Tank Riser Splice Boxes (External & Internal)
  • Septic System Unions, Valves & Miscellaneous Components

  • Carbon Vent Filters
  • Above Ground Packaged Ventilation Fan System with Carbon Filter
  • Packaged and Bulk Replacement Carbon for Ventilation Filters
  • Solmax Sand Filter Liners
  • Microbial Enzyme Blocks for Bacterial Supplementation
Onsite Dispersal System Equipment

Onsite Dispersal System Equipment

  • Factory pre-cut, drilled, coupled and labeled, Manifold and Lateral Pipe Packages

  • Infiltrator Plastic Leach Field Chamber Systems
  • Inspection Ports and Risers
  • Orenco Biotube FT-Series Residential Effluent FIlters
Orenco Controls Electromechanical......

Controls Electromechanical, PLC and Remote Telemetry Control & monitoring panels for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications


  • S1 Simplex Panels

  • DAX Duplex Panels
  • MVP Simplex & Duplex Standard Panels
  • MVP Custom PLC Panels
  • VCOM Simplex Remote Telemetry Panels
  • TCOM Commercial Remote Telemetry Panels
  • Septic Tank Alarms & Panels
Composite Buildings and Accessories

Composites Custom FRP Tanks, Composite Buildings and Accessories


  • Custom FRP Rectangular Insulated Tanks

  • Durafiber FRP Enclosures, Shelters and Buildings
  • Custom FRP Pump, Flow Monitoring, Manhole and miscellaneous basins
  • Custom FRP Insulated Tank covers
Onsite Disinfection Systems

Onsite Disinfection Systems

  • UV Pure Hallett Crossfire UV Disinfection Systems & Accessories

  • Norweco AT1500 UV Disinfection Systems
  • Orenco UV 125/31 – Small Disinfection & Control package
  • Norweco Biodynamic Tablet Dosing Systems (Chlorination/Dechlorination)

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