disk filter

Disk Filter


Woven cloth media filters installed on multiple discs, utilizing an inside-out flow pattern. Hydrotech Discfilter.

Continuous Backwashing Upflow Sand Filters

Continuous Backwashing Upflow Sand Filters


Dyna Sand Filters. EcoWash. Available as standalone package unit or a modular concrete design. The package units are constructed of either 304 SST or FRP.

Rotating Belt Filter


Combines separation, thickening and dewatering in one unit. Removes >50% TSS, >20% BOD and produce sludge 20–30% wt. Filter belts 54-350µ available.

Inline / Automatic Backwashing Mechanical Filters


Various filtration options for a wide range of flows and applications.

low profile cascade aerator

Low Profile Cascade Aerator

(Jim Myers and Sons)

Used for effluent aeration if minimum dissolved oxygen limit is mandated. Uses air infusion plates, leaping weirs, influent control gate, and minimum flow control gate.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems


Third-party validated disinfection systems designed for any wastewater treatment application, with no limit on incoming coliforms. Every system has with a lifetime disinfection guarantee. Smaller systems are available in pre-fabricated stainless steel channels. Larger systems are installed in concrete channels. Models available include UV3000 PTP/B, UV3000 Plus, UV SIGNA, UV 4000 and more.

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