online analyzers

Online Analyzers


  • Colorimetric DPD Analysis (CL17sc) continuously monitors water for free or total chlorine. Monthly routine maintenance for the CL17sc can be performed in a few minutes, including changing reagents and cleaning the colorimetric cell. Complete with a built-in flow meter, three-colour status light, measurement cycle indicators, colorimeter window, and on-screen diagnostics menu. Also suitable for Permanganate residual measurements.
  • Turbidity Analyzer (TU5300/5400) is designed to deliver a revolutionary 360° x 90° Detection Technology, engineered to see more of your sample than any other turbidimeter. This unique technology is used in both the TU5 online and TU5 benchtop turbidimeters, delivering the best low-level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability from test to test. Suitable for drinking water and other clean water applications.
  • Silica 5500sc Analyzer requires only two liters of reagent for the analyzer to perform unattended for up to 90 days; features a pressurized reagent delivery system which eliminates the frequent maintenance associated with pumps. Predictive diagnostic tools, including Hach’s proprietary Prognosys technology, warning LEDs, and high-visibility notification screens let you avoid unplanned downtime.
  • HACH EZ Analyzer series covers a unique range of parameters (hardness, manganese, iron, color, and more) on a single analyzer platform. Five measurement technologies (colorimetry, titration, ion-selective electrode, voltammetry, and chemiluminescence) allow for a wide selection of measuring ranges and applications. All instruments come in the same rugged mainframe with a compact footprint.
online sensors

Online Sensors


  • HACH pH or ORP (Digital Differential) sensors feature exceptional performance due to the Differential Electrode Measurement Technique. Sensors use three electrodes instead of the two normally used in conventional pH/ORP sensors. Process and reference electrodes measure the pH/ORP differentially with respect to a third ground electrode. The end result is unsurpassed measurement accuracy, reduced reference junction potential, and elimination of sensor ground loops. These sensors provide greater reliability, resulting in less downtime and maintenance.
  • HACH dissolved oxygen sensors (LDO sc) use luminescent technology for measuring DO. This optical probe has no membranes to replace or electrolyte solution to replenish, making it virtually maintenance free. They require no calibration for the entire 2-year life of the sensor cap, which means it is ready to start measuring your DO (Dissolved Oxygen) right out of the box.
  • HACH’s UVAS plus sc digital UV probe is designed for reagent-free determination of the organic load via the spectral absorption coefficient (SAC) in the medium or in the bypass. Reliable measurement values are immediately available due to the direct UV measurement. The low maintenance sensor is self-cleaning and with its stainless-steel housing even applicable in difficult environmental conditions.
  • HACH’s Solitax sc Suspended Solids and Turbidity sensor offers a broad application spectrum and is ideal for drinking water, wastewater, surface water, and sludge treatment applications. Using the infrared duo scattered light method, Solitax sc provides a unique colour – independent measurement of solids and a reliable sludge analysis. Available as an immersion or inline probe, for turbidity and solids measurement, in plastic or stainless-steel housing, with or without self-cleaning wiper device. The self-cleaning wiper ensures accurate results even in the presence of aggressive biological growth and gas bubbles.
test kits

Test Kits


  • Color disc test kits use a visual comparison method (color matching) to determine concentration. Simply add reagents to the sample, turn the wheel until the sample matches a reference color – concentration is displayed in a window. Each test kit includes apparatus, reagents, and instructions – all in a rugged carrying case. Available parameters include Chlorine, pH, Iron, Manganese, Tannin/Lignin, and more.
  • Digital titrator test kits use a high-precision dispensation device and replaceable titrant cartridges for highly accurate results in the field or lab. More than 50 different parameters and/or ranges are available to suit many testing applications. Quick-change cartridges allow the user to switch parameters in seconds, and each cartridge provides between 40-100 titrations, depending on sample concentration. Common parameters available include total hardness, chloride, sulfide, carbon dioxide, and acidity. Each kit includes comprehensive instructions, apparatus, reagents, and a rugged carrying case
  • Drop-count titration kits are a simple, easy, and cost-effective way to test for many common parameters, including chlorine, chloride, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfite, nitrogen, formaldehyde, and more. Kits can be used in the field or lab as a quick reference, or for simple yes/no confirmatory testing. Simply add titrant to the sample until you see color change. Instructions, apparatus, reagents, and carrying case are included in every kit.
  • Multi-parameter kits come complete with reagents, instructions, and a rugged Hach carrying case. Kits range from a few essential parameters (chlorine & pH) or a specific application, such as the Soil and Irrigation Water Test Kit (SIW-1). Multi-parameter kits use several of Hach’s platforms, such as the digital titrator, color disc, drop count titration and test strips for simplicity and accuracy. Applications include drinking water, soil testing, water quality, boiler water, education, ecology, surface water, stream survey, and more.
lab instruments

Lab Instruments


  • The DR1900 is a light and compact portable spectrophotometer, built for rugged field conditions. It has a large, clear screen and easy to use user interface that simplifies testing in demanding conditions. Over 220 of the most commonly tested parameters are preprogrammed. Tests are performed with a wavelength range of 340 to 800 nm, expanding testing range to programs typically seen only in laboratory instrumentation.
  • The DR3900 is a benchtop visible spectrum (320-1100nm), split beam spectrophotometer with over 220 pre-programmed parameters optimized for laboratory water analysis. The DR 3900 guides you step-by-step through the testing procedure producing accurate results every time.
  • The DR6000 benchtop UV-VIS spectrophotometer delivers top performance for both routine laboratory tasks and demanding photometry applications. It offers high-speed wavelength scanning across the UV and Visible Spectrums, and comes pre-programmed with over 250 of the most common testing methods used today.



  • The TL2300 Turbidimeter has an optical system that is comprised of a tungsten-filament lamp, lenses and apertures to focus the light, a 90° detector, forward-scatter light detector, a backscatter detector (TL2350 only) and a transmitted-light detector. The instrument permits turbidity measurements at less than 40 NTU to be performed using only the 90° scattered-light detector, and has a range from 4000 NTU. Suitable for high turbidity range applications
  • The TU5200 Benchtop Turbidimeter is designed to deliver revolutionary 360° x 90° Detection Technology, engineered to see more of your sample than any other turbidimeter. This unique technology is used in both the TU5 online and TU5 benchtop turbidimeters, delivering the best low-level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability from test to test. Suitable for drinking water and other clean water applications.
online controllers

Online Controllers


  • The SC4500 has been designed with a modern touchscreen, the ability to use current Hach sensors, and the same footprint as the SC200; built-in predictive diagnostic software ensures measurement confidence and reduces the risk of unexpected equipment downtime. Proactive maintenance planning via MSM includes step-by-step instructions. Provides local communication to SCADA or a PLC, as well as remote access through a secure, cloud-based connectivity option to integrate with Claros, the Water Intelligence System from Hach, from analog and advanced digital protocols to Wi-Fi, cellular or LAN.
handheld field lab meters

Handheld Field/Lab Meters


  • HQ Series Meters connect with Intellical probes, automatically recognize the parameter, calibration history, and method settings, to minimize errors and set-up time. Measures a wide variety of parameters including Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Temperature, Conductivity, and pH.
  • DR300 Pocket Colorimeter is a single parameter go-anywhere portable photometer, battery operation for a maximum of 5000 tests, with a rugged, waterproof (IP67) design. Optional Bluetooth connectivity with automatic data transfer, and seamless system integration.
  • 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter provides accurate turbidity measurements for difficult to measure, rapidly settling samples. Provides convenient data logging: up to 500 measurements are automatically stored in the instrument for easy access and backup
  • Pocket Pro Testers measure electrochemical parameters in a broad range of water applications (pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature), built-in performance diagnostics, easy-to-read LCD screen, replaceable batteries
meters and sensors

Meters & Sensors

(Real Tech)

  • From portable field meters, to real-time single parameter sensors or multiple-parameter all-in-one sensor systems, provides solutions for BOD, COD, TOC, TSS, UV254, UVT, colour, nitrate, nitrite, algae, permanganate, ozone, benzene, chromium VI, hydrocarbons, ammonium, pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, free chlorine, turbidity and more.

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