ACTIFLO – Ballasted Flocculation Technology


Incorporates sand into a traditional chemical coagulation/flocculation process to act as a ballast, so floc’s settle more quickly, allowing higher clarifier loading rates and reducing overall footprint . Sand is recovered using a hydrocyclone. Proven process with over 260 surface water installations treating waters with low turbidity, algae issues, high TOC, etc.

Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers

DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers


Installed in concrete or SST tanks, well suited for surface waters with low turbidity and high TOC.

Inclined Plate Settlers

Inclined Plate Settlers

(Jim Myers and Sons)

Top flow control angle to control headloss and prevent clogging by ensuring even, laminar flow. Dual, side-loaded effluent troughs. Adjustable V-notch weirs. NSF/ANSI 61 certified.

Pressure Filtration

Pressure Filtration


Including greensand type filters for iron/manganese removal, various multi-media systems, softener systems, activated carbon filters, etc. Can be skid-mounted or shipped loose.

Membrane Filtration

Membrane Filtration

(Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions)

Including ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems.



(Aqseptence, formerly known as Johnson Screens)

Triton low-profile underdrains with Vee-Wire design. Easy installation – no grouting like block underdrains. Direct retention of media. Available in stainless steel and PVC. Great in retrofit applications.

Inline / Automatic Backwashing Mechanical Filters


Various filtration options available for a wide range of flows and applications.

package treatment plants

Package Treatment Plants

(FilterBoxx, now owned by OVIVO)

Full package treatment plants installed in containers or trailers. Custom integration of various technologies depending on client’s needs and/or preferences.

Paddle Wheel Flocculators

Paddle Wheel Flocculators

(Jim Myers & Sons)

JMS Mega-FLOC (paddle wheel flocculators) including horizontal, vertical and walking beam flocculators. Slow speed, low shear mixing for water treatment flocculation basins. Custom engineered to match any basin size / configuration, eliminating dead spots and short circuiting. Uses JMS engineered MEGA-BEARINGS for trouble-free, long-life operation.

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