water condition filter system

Water Conditioning & Filtering Systems

(Clack, Fleck, Autotrol, Hankscraft Runxin & WaterBoss)

  • Here at APS, we have a dedicated and highly experienced team that can work with you to offer solutions to a wide variety of water quality issues for all residential and commercial applications. Systems and components include but are not limited to the below:
    • Two Tank & Cabinet Style Water Softeners
    • Chemical Free Filter Systems
    • Air Injection Systems
    • Ozone Injection Systems
    • Neutralizers
    • Specialty Filter Medias and Resins

Ultraviolet Sterilizers

(UV Dynamics, UV Pure, Acuva, Luminor)

  • Class “B” General Use Systems
    • UV Dynamics Mini Rack
    • Luminor Blackcomb
  • Class “A” NSF/ANSI 55 Systems
    • UV Dynamics NSF 55 UVD8.40C, 11.40C, 14.40C & 20.40C
    • Luminor Blackcomb 6.1A
    • UV Pure Hallett Crossfire
  • ACUVA LED UV Technology for both point of use and point of entry systems
    • ArrowMax Home
RO UF membrane treatment systems

RO/UF Membrane Treatment Systems

(Waterite, Watts, Antunes)

  • APS offers and stocks a wide variety of membrane treatment systems for residential and commercial applications with many additional system accessories also available; storage tanks, re-pressurization pumps, RO controls, etc.
  • Point of Use RO Systems: 50 GPD – 700 GPD
    • Vectapure & VectaTwist
    • Watts GTS Series & Purewater
  • Point of Entry RO Systems: 350 GPD – 9,600 GPD
    • VectaMaxx RSX, RSR & RSL
  • Industrial / Municipal RO Systems: 14,000 GPD – 120,000 GPD
    • RB8 BlackMaxx
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) systems available from 5.2 GPM – 15GPM. UF provides particle filtration down to 0.015micron
    • Antunes UFL-500 Series
    • Antunes VZN-500 Series
chemical feed pumps

Chemical Feed Pumps


  • Stenner peristaltic metering pumps are widely used by water treatment professionals to inject solutions such as: sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, hydrogen peroxide for oxidation and sodium carbonate for pH control.
    • Classic & Econ Fixed and Adjustable Pumps
    • Metering Systems
    • Pump & Tank Systems

Filter Housings & Cartridges

(Waterite, Harmsco, Pentek, WATTS)

  • APS offers a wide variety of Filter Housings and Filter Cartridges to suit your application needs. Housings/Cartridges are available for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications.
  • Housings: High Grade Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, etc.
  • Filter Types: Pleated, Melt-blown, String Wound, Bag filters, Carbon Block, GAC, Specialty/Customized and many others.
gas diffusion system

Gas Diffusion Systems


  • The Waterite RSM aeration process utilizes the most effective diffusion technology for the removal of unwanted gasses and odours without the use of chemicals.

  • Used for removal of methane, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), radon, VOCs and CO2.
bulk storage tanks and containers

HDPE Water, Wastewater & Chemical Tankage for Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications

(Snyder, ACO)

  • Potable Water NSF fully Listed & Labelled Tanks Available
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Chemical Tanks
  • Septic Tanks
  • Cistern Tanks
  • Double Wall Tanks
  • Agriculture Chemical Tanks
  • Plastic and Steel IBC Totes
  • Stackable Tanks, Hopper Bins, Drums, Insulated tanks & much more…

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